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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  December 9, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go. what are we now? 9:00 p.m. sunday. fox news. relive the dream. dream again. >> the federal government will conduct a national test of the emergency alert you c. sue oo does that make you feel safe? >> you can't avoid it every where flipping the channel. >> the federal government spent 40 years studying this soap? >> are you saver because of these congressman? do we need government to protect
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workers? >> absolutely. sure do. next question. >> made sense except one result is this. government's good intentions gone wrong. that is our show tonight. >> and now, john stossel. >> politicians claim they make our lives better bypassing law. i assume they have good intentions but we shouldn't judge anything by intention. sometimes good intentions go wrong. tonight we start with workplace regulations. companies are greedy they want to make a buck so it seems reasonable government has to protect workers. everyone we asked agreed with that. >> i think we definitely do. there are so many things that could happen in a workplace and
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you have so many corporations that could be corrupt. so i think the government should step in and help out workers. >> that makes sense to people. there is so much beyond the worker's control. safety rules for example. what does the fabbing story worker care if he is injured on the joab. that's what we need oshea. it sets safety rules for factories. they are fond of showing people this graph of how workplace deaths dropped since the beginning of oshea. workplace injuries dropped at about the same rate. thank goodness for government. except look at this graph. what happens if you go back a few years. workplace deaths were dropping even before osha. government gets in front of a parade and pretends it led the parade. in a free society things get better on their own without government. people don't get that.
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they don't get that in european countries where people are rioting. don't they realize it is a reason companies don't want to hire? no they don't get that. wall street journal reporter who reports on the work rules and she joins us from london. >> for starters they have the right and protection to gameful unemployment. so the minimum guaranteed annual vacation here in europe not including national holidays is 20 days of paid vacation a year not including national holidays weekend additional time off in some countries it is much higher in france it starts at 2k3w5r7b teed days off. this summer t-- guaranteed days. it gave workers the right to a vacation don't over or give
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back. >> wait a sec. what possibly can that be? >> say you are skiing for two weeks for your christmas holiday and you sprain your ankle and you spend the last 8 days of your vacation laid up with a sprained ankles they go into your sick leave and you get a vacation do over. you have a right of 8 extra days of paid vacation to make up for the days you were ill on vay -- vacation. >> any time you go on vacation and get sick you get a do over. >> if you say i have a cold i had the flu they have to give you that back somewhere else. >> if you have a doctor's note it's not too hard to pay a doctor to give you a doctor's note and said she got the sniffles when she was snorkeling so she needs another 7 days of vacation. >> in italy if you start a
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business keep it small up to 10 workers you have flexibility. if you hire an 11-th employee you must submit an annual self assessment to the national authorities outlining every public health and safety hazard? >> yes. we are not just talking about how you deal with workers moving heavy machinery. it must also include how to deal with specific stresses related to perhaps your age or gender. it has to include the name of the doctor who informed the assessment and showed howitt tallian workers worked at companies with 10 or fewer. >> if you have a 16th employee you have to have union representatives to fulfill union duties. >> at least 8 hours a month. if>> if you hire one more employee he has to be disabled.
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>> the next must be disabled in some way or else pay a fine. >> at the 51th employee 7 percent of the payroll must be handicapped in some way. >> by the time you get to 51 employees 7 percent must qualify in some way. rates of disability in europe pretty high. >> if you have 101 plies even more rules. >> let's go to spain. reform they no longer have to pay 22 months but that's still too years. ever ray employee you hire if it durn turns out badly. >> in the past someone making 100,000 a year used to 350,000 in severance pay. under the new rules 2 thoub
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dollars. why hire someone if it takes that much to hire them. spainish unemployment rates about half of their workers are unemployment. you could have these up. the rules all over the place. >> lots of people cheat. a lot of countries are expected to cheat. cheating is what keeps the investors in public. it is easier and cheaper to prescribe the pictures we claire all of your -- no minimum wage
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no laws against discrimination. you get fired 4 weeks unemployment number. >> the will have seems to be flexible enough to fire if you need to and that makes a attractive. we don't have all of those bum laws in america and we have plenty and we are getting more. most want more rules like guaranteed vacation. >> we all need a vacation and working every day. >> absz slutly. we work harder in this country france italy, elsewhere. >> they don't have manndatory vation cases we have all of these laws 170,000 pages of rules you have to obey. look at this chart it shows how we recovered from everything since the great depression.
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a fast recovery. i lot this one from my dad can mitchell, cato institute. >> this is slower because of all of these rules. you add up the rate increases, government spending all of the tax increases we are going to get maybe entrepreneurs will say maybe i will hierp somebody. i don't want to give them health insurance because i am stuck with the abandoned workday. they are see that go model fall apart. >> in the fast we had horrible recession and many of the laws but not as manning knee. >> tchs i would lias much as i e
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regulated you have to make sure you have room for the economy tos were prer. it can work faster than the private sector. soon he or later it's not like a magic tipping point where one straw on the camel's box caused it to collapse. >> there is a kipping glass. if i knew i would be rich. it happened under bush a republican and obama a democrat. it doesn't work. >> let's talk about some of the things these good intentions have clean energy. >> solyndrsolyndra. >> that is just one example. >> we have had dozens go bad but it is the story behind the story. if they are they are a paid
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contributor or getting loans you are destroying tackle in the country. >> it basically means workers get hoer ages. we have laws that encourage home ownership. president bush sasz are you home? >> next in the housing bubble that blows up. the very people we are supposed to be it dabble to walk on the tank. we have tax credits that is supposed to direct our spending to good things. oo it sounds great but from a tiny packs go from 1913 only 2 pages into this 72,000 pajz monster. if you go to the irs web site there's more than a bud enforms
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you could download. nobody under sands it paul a big no spoener around the necks of the american economy. every one has something in it that probably sounds good but look what it adds up to. >> lastly on the spending. the machinery is a welfare state. we have to take care of people and help people. unintended consequence? >> what worries me is this is where you are hurting people. when you look at the programs it blocks a welfare street. there are shocking figures showing you are trying to make your you are getting taxed on
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one end the government is taking away business. you have lower income people trying to get better off who lose living standards. they have left disposable income if they get 1,000 more in salary. >> because they pay more in taxes and lose government benefits. >> when it is earned income credit. whether it is medicaid el admissibility housing assist stance. you are on a treadmill, ush o you are running head and ahead. that's what we expend to someone on disability and not bosching as hard. you are better off staying there than earning 55,000? i hope this auz wan ex steppings not the rule. you are told don't earn more
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because you lose the safety net. maybe if the safety net wasn't luring people and to get irn -- incentives we wouldn't have the problem. thank you dan mitchell. coming up you probably heard this annoying alert before. the >> government spends your money but doesn't protect you that's next.
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>> >> a nationwide test set to sgin at a begin at any moment. >> a nationwide test. >> you cannot avoid it by flipping the channel it's every where. >> if it's every where it must be something from our federal government. sure enough it is the emergency alert system. started in 1951 with a system to alert us if the russians attacked. then we have the integrated public alert and warning system. they were told the tpresident could reach in 10 minutes. now tax payer builds again
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another 100 million foresee mass. they can reach you on your control phone. people like this. they say thank goodness government does that. >> spread the word when something is happening. >> how else do we find out what is going on. the general attitude is yipee we are safer thanks to the emergency alert system. except are you ever ever been warned about anything by the government? you get warnings from us and radio stations and word of mouth. the emergency alert system, no. even september 11th rt when we were attacked the system was not activated. it existed for 60 plus years with wasn't tested until amy barnett said you ought to test this thing. at the time you were the fcc
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public safety and homeland security bureau chief who found out it was never even tested. >> i was amazed to find out we had this system it was part of the national preparedness and never been tested. coming from the navy we know you don't expect had a what you didn't inspect. i wrote a memo. they sent it over to the white house that resulted in the test on november 9th. 2011 ch>> we ha oo >> we have heard other time but it may be the local station testing it on its own. >> that's right. i assumed when i came in that that meant the system was being tested. >> the test did happen and successful? >> i think it was successful. after 50 years we would come up with things that didn't connect. about 90 percent were able to receive the signal and retrance
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ma mitt it. >> how could they call it successful when they got 90 percent of the main station. >> to test where the problems were and that 90 percent was not it. we were looking for what interewere the problems. >> this must be a government failure. the test did happen in 2011. >> the federal government will be conducting a national test of the emergency alert system. the disaster warning says i am supposed to be in the station but fox news vowers heard this. >> direct tv viewers heard lady gaga's song paparazzi played during a test. how is that a success? >> my wife is a schoolteacher 90
7:22 pm
percent on a test gets an a in her class. good enough for government work? >> we knew there would be problems. god love the people who put lady gaga done. it is a rule you are not supposed to have dead air time. he actually punched in we have to put music on there. lady bgaga was the benefactor o that. >> why do we need to know. i want to know what to do. there are local media that will tell me. you can't do it across the country like you can with the learning system. it is not supposed to be follow up information it is legitimate local news type of function. rocketed up and down the east
7:23 pm
coast that was not much damage. but what if is it had been? this is a system designed to work even when nothing else does. a lot of the stations would have been knocked off the air except for these which would be hard. how did you learn about it? you learn about it from radio and tv station. if they are off the air i wouldn't learn about it on the air i am learning about it now. >> i have battery operated radio. things have casheksh ksh cards. >> they are telling you this happens giving you the news as soon as we get it. a boondoggle hundreds of millions of dollars. >> the government must do that once it is spent you guys never start. >> they want them to be safe. 12 hors after they began people on my house got an emergency alert on their cell phone.
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it looked like this. take shelter now. this was 12-hours into the storm. this is the stupidity of government. you spend much of your life in government and this is foolish government thinking spend the money for second rate stur. >> you mentioned what is a local alert not the national alert system. one of the things we have to include in this is training for emergency workers and the people initiate thighs warnings. 12-hours is not acceptable. that was a failure some what about you i would say you want to be able to have the learning system. i appreciated the fact that i got an alert before the show that just says take great cover. >> thank you jamie barnett. coming up my government
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>> but school is boring. >> no, it's not. >> charter schools. charters are public schools that are free of the rules of bureaucracy of regular schools. some charters say use that freedom to do a much better job. kids at the school get high-tech scores. >> reading is work but it's rocking awesome. >> rocking awesome? >> these kids say school is fun? >> yes. >> how is it fun to learn? >> they teach us in a fun way.
7:30 pm
>> you look forward to going too school in the morning? >>y. >> regular schools rarely get those results. they are a government monopoly they almost always do a lousy job. people tried to run them on education blob. this thing that can't be budged. it's the teacher's union the janitor's union politicians and bureaucrats. they resist change. that is why i was excited when the charter schools began. good experiments would expand parents would see how much better a school could be. kids would finally benefit from the innovation we see in the rest of america. but it's not happening. it happens sometimes. you saw that one school. jeanial lon saallen says the ch school has gone wrong, too.
7:31 pm
tracy williams is an example of that. what happened to you? >> my group and i put together an application to start a charter school and we have been repeatedly stone walled. >> you wanted to do this because of your own daughter's experience. with a good teacher you got together with people and said what are the rules? we will start a charter. the first application was 100 pages denied. did they tell you why? >> at that time they it said there wasn't a need for a charter school we had typographical errors in the application. >> there what a need for the charter school. wouldn't mcdonalds like to say that to burger king? >> yes. >> you had errors in the application. you fixed that? >> yes. questi we fixed the errors. we had to get more people involved. we needed to show more parent
7:32 pm
support. the firs application at the put in 70 letters and other 125 letters. >> still denied? >> still denied. >> this is typical? >> it is becoming more and more typical. the whole purpose was to create new public schools open by choice held accountable for results but free from most of the rules and regulations the bar to entry should be very, very high. the reality is government incringing every day on people who want to start schools. >> they are in charge and they don't want the competition. >> that's right. the state education departments get in. we have one of thighest perform school in arizona. director spent 30 percent of the time in this monstrous data base filling out paper work to
7:33 pm
squeeze a charter school into a district like box. it was one of the highest forming schools in the state. she has to come up with an improvement plan. >> they are trying to make sure the kids are protected. >> they are trying to make sure but in tracy's case are they all reading at grade level? are they all doing math? no. you have qualified founders people worked hard and recognize it's something they want to do we are saying no don't come in. this is a movement that is beginning to have some pieces of the government try to get away from. >> i experienced the resistance myself after 2020 show. they screamed shame on you stossel. they demanded that i try teaching. >> just teach for a week.
7:34 pm
>> the crowd liked the idea of me teaching for a week. >> after endless meetings they decided stossel shouldn't teach for a week. they embraced the soviet bureaucracy they don't care about the kids they care about their turf. >> i can't image why they stopped a school like tracy's from hopiopening up i can't ima why from florida to arizona to washington, d.c. >> speculate? >> because they are so afraid even the charter school movement is so afraid to make any mistakes. it fears risk. they are afraid if they don't show themselves to be the very very best they will no longer be in business. risk is in every great
7:35 pm
innovative business. it is what makes america tick. when you want high quality you take a risk with somebody like tracy who wants to start a school. >> are you going to keep trying? >> are going to keep trying. >> good luck to you. thank you tracy williams and jeanie allen. next, do you use any of these products? put this under your arms clean with this, brush your teeth with this stuff. there's something in these that some people say a chemical in here might hurt you. so government is studying it. what have they found? i will tell you when we return. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close frien.
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john: people >> people want government to keep us safe protect the water we drink the air we breathe the
7:40 pm
soap we use. soap? yes, in the name of protecting us our government has studied the ingredients in these an antibacterial soaps and other products. it kills germs. it's in lots of prod ku product total toothpaste. they want it to be safe and effective. how have they gone wrong? they have been studying it for 40 years and still haven't made a decision. paul alexander wrote a book the people verses germs. for 40 years? what are they doing? >> the product was invented in the late 60s an early 70s they started the review process. the fda decided it was safe but
7:41 pm
not sure it was effective. the epa is also involved in rug la regulating assessment. it was effective but they weren't sure it was safe venlth this started 40 years ago they would do the research and submit the papers. >> and we pay for it? >> of course. >> it has gone on for so long the environmental groups came in and started protesting claiming that the substance was harmful phoningsly dang -- potentially dangerou dangerous. >> they have huge amounts of rats. >> the rats in sexual organs will grow too large. >> testicles grew too large. >> they gave to sheep and it affected the estrogen level of sheep. they aren't testing on humans. but it has gone on for so long
7:42 pm
they got involved. they are getting congress involved. >> the epa scared people by labelling the chemical a pesticide. a pesticide in here. i use this stuff. >> gingivitis. >> it kills bacteria that's why they call it a pest. it kills a pest which is bacteria. >> a bacteria is considered a pest. so if you kill a pest you are a pesticide. you have all of these images of ddt. >> johnson and johnson stopped using the prod dufkt? quite an extensive history of safe use we want you to have of. >> business is based on being able to predict what is going to happen in the future. what happens if the epa finally after 40 years the fda finally
7:43 pm
after four years makes a decision and it goes against them. in terms of just planning business planning it makes sense to assume after 40 years they may never make a decision. if they do it may not be in their favor. the drag de of this, what i have read it's a safe product. it has been your toothpaste. it is in antibacterial soap. up next more lowerible exampleser of good intentions why this. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil® because helps you keep doing what you love.
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>> good intentions gone wrong that's what this thing is. this is the dodd frank law. hundreds of pages that are supposed to protect us from those evil banks that the politicians say the banks took needless risks on mortgages because there has been de regulation. >> because it's reckless de
7:48 pm
regulation, if we do not act a bad situation will become worse. we are determined to get the bill through. i haven't read it but louise bennett has and she is a lawyer and specializes in these arguments. what's the problem? >> a lot of the myths surrounding this is the legislation which has led do -- >> i know growering wush. >> i was as ton nished george w -- george w. bush is known as the de regulator. >> banking is one of the most regulated industries if not the most regulated industry. the problem was not de regulation here. the problem was that whie had a crisis caused by a massive
7:49 pm
industry-wide miss investment in real estate. that was a direct result of government policies. >> everybody was encouraged to take out a mortgage. >> is that is right. i am assuming they are well intended. logic says this will protect them. >> the problem is they need to be addressed and dodd frank does not end bailouts. all this and that's the worst part. it is even encouraged. it implies some banks. >> in you aa bing is systemic. they say not an institution that is poo big, too month, a a ba.
7:50 pm
>> look at this chart. it shows what happened and why it increases the too big to fail. big banks get to borrow more money sheep-- cheaply because t will get failed out. >> they are more likely to give a maun at a cheerp rate for a slower interest. he plays $4 interest that puts barack obama would he you won't grow bigger. they cannot allow you to fail. >> then you can make moir monor. and the rest of the bill when it doesn't stop too big to be failed? do they do other things? >> i think it is demanded. people need to realize dodd frank was passed and his 8, 900
7:51 pm
pages. it is just a mandate. it says you need to go out and make rules on a variety of topics. >> this isn't the rule? >> it says go right 400. >> we only had one-third of the rules so there's about 400 rule making requirements of those one-third has beening finali ha finalized. one-third have been proposed. which means they are in various stijs they need to use. >> what's the harm in that? >> one of the difficulties is especially the complexity. no single person could do it. it requires two men man up power
7:52 pm
out howers. >> three laeb even year for what they have so far. there are 200 of the rules, 400 you could get that. >> no wonder the economy doesn't recover with this rolling over our heads. >> if they understood and applied they will not be education. we are going to do whatever we p want. we have open discretion. this may be how we approach it but we have discretion to do whatever we p want. so rules are past and we still don't know what they will do. that's the subjects of it. >> good intention.
7:53 pm
thank you very much. my take on government gone i don't think and a little bit of goodness. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur
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and that on! symbicort is for copd including chronic bnchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbirt may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, d some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. with copd, i thought i'd miss our family tradition. now symbicort significantly improves my lung function, starting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today, we're ready for whatever swims our way. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> show title tonight, good intentions gone wrong describes what government does. >> we have problems.. politicians then claim they have a fix.
7:57 pm
think pass laws and add to the growling pile of law. they propose a thousand new ones every week. everyone feels good. the problem seems to buy it. they think a problem was solved. after all no kids visiting washington ask their congressman what laws did you repeal? it's always congressman what laws have you passed? they pass and pass and these lieus pail up for every one of these there is an unintended consequence for several. the track worecord is clear. they faild in soviet union, cuba. in the american public school system at the oh post office. central planning stops innovation. for all that failure whenever another crisis hits the natural instinct is to say government must do something. why don't we learn in there are
7:58 pm
always politicians claiming to be problem solvers. some even went to harvard. they must be so smart. we believe them when they say yes, we can. >> yes, we can. >> yes, we can. >> yes, we can. >> but real life shows they want do things wells three people. that's why i say no, they can't. they can pass the law but the law doesn't really solve the problem. it creates new ones. in my city last week there were protests in front of mcdonalds. unions want past food workers the new york times put this protest in the front page. she says mcdonalds pays her $8 an hour but she deserves 15. so civil rights groupsnd union demand a higher living wage they
7:59 pm
may get it. (chanting) >> the big bad union like the big bad wolf and government use force. 51 percent of voters or union members want a minimum that's what employers must pay. that sounds good to people. everyone will get a raise. the problem comes from what is not seen. i can interview the guy who got a raise. i can't interview the guy who had not interviewed. i can't be de lied for an extra job. we usually don't know who those people are they are unseason victims of governmentment's protection. it's frustrating to try to explain the unthemed. sometimes i fear no one unders


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